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2017 So Far

Posted Apr 01, 2017

      The beginning and middle of 2017 for oil is still uncertain.  OPEC committed to an oil production cut for the first time in eight years that changed the outlook of oil production we are seeing now and possibly in the future.  OPEC met about the ...read more

2016 Oil Outlook

Posted Dec 01, 2016

This last season has been relatively quiet, with slight volatility, on the oil front since the massive drop in early 2015 following unprecedented oil production.  Since then it has stayed primarily in the 40-50$ with one exception this last January when it fell to under $27 per barrel d ...read more

March 2015

Posted Mar 01, 2015

As you know, oil prices have fallen by half over the last 12 months (from $105/barrel to $53/barrel). We wanted to provide you some insights as to why this dramatic drop occurred, and what we expect from the next season. Why t ...read more

December 2014

Posted Dec 01, 2014

Despite the fact that both of the major geopolitical events, which affected oil pricing so much this past summer and fall, are still occurring, we are seeing a shift in the opposite direction. The major decline in oil prices is due to several factors. First, reduced speculatory fears of ISIS a ...read more

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